Premium Package with Peter / Suzy



With this Premium package, you’ll be getting exactly what we give our studio clients. It’s the kind of consultation that has allowed Peter to sell two television pilots in 2018, exactly the kind of input and collaboration that we’ve used to take a dozen clients and co-writers to success.

Five, live, one hour Zoom sessions with Peter or Suzy, who are writing partners and teachers of story. These sessions are recorded for you, and take place on Zoom, our virtual conference room. All you need is a decent Internet connection and a headset. (It’s simple and it works easily.)

At our meeting with you, we will share the development notes. We will show you tools to help you. We will guide you on how to develop your story idea. We may show you movie clips in the genres in which you are working. We will also give you access to certain streaming lectures we think will help you write your particular story. So you will enjoy free access to our online lectures that are best suited for your genre or whether you are working on a film or TV series.

Our virtual conference room is just like being in the same room with us — but it’s also recorded, so you can watch and listen again and again.

We will discuss the commercial prospects of your story and how to enhance them.

Really, all facets of your story will be talked about — in as much detail as you wish.

This is a development meeting precisely as we give our studio clients. It’s designed to propel you forward in telling your own, vivid, original story. We love our work, and really enjoy working with our talented writing clients. We think you’ll enjoy it too — and emerge re-energized and ready to leap forward.

We personally read all stories and scripts — We don’t use readers.

Our notes will help you recreate your story.

We charge a fraction of what we charge our studio clients – but you receive the same service (which includes our time to read your work and to make notes — outside the live session with you, of course.

*Please kindly note that for this low cost special offer there are no refunds due to the high value cost of this special offer package. Thank you.