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GOLD – One-on-One Writer Consult with Peter Russell


Let Peter be your writing mentor, let him be your guide and offer you creative support on those days you just can’t face working another script draft alone.

The GOLD package consists of six consults where you have Peter Russell for one-on-one working closely with you on your script to get you to next level. Plus we offer you free access to 4 of his popular online classes of your choice. Think of it as six separate sets of developmental notes on your project – the equivalent of a master class at a major film school — but instead of a class of 20, it’s just you and Peter – you have his full attention, and all the focus is on your project.

You also receive four of Peter’s legendary recorded lectures – you and Peter pick the ones that will help you the most.

All for far less than a seminar level screenwriting class at a major film school where you would receive a ’round robin’ set of notes from other students and only very brief personal attention from a teacher, and where the average cost of a single class is over $2,000.

All sessions are recorded for you so you don’t need to worry about taking notes.

The cost for you is $382.



About Peter Russell Movie&TV Script Doctor

Think of me as a writer, teacher and story consultant with over 15 years experience working with studios. From this experience, I have developed a great class list that focuses on many areas in the business. Peter Russell Script Doctor offers a large variety of classes, so be sure to check back often to see if there is an offering for you. Find Out More...