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The Secrets of Writing for Television


If you want to write brilliant, breakthrough material, write for television.From “Orange is the New Black” to “Girls” to “Modern Family” television writing is where the most entertaining, evocative and surprising stories are being told.Where do you start? How do you polish what you’ve got? Learn from the best.Peter Russell, award-winning UCLA Extension instructor of the year and co-founder of How Movies Works, takes you through the plot structures of the major TV genres: Sitcom, Episodic and Serial storylines.In this class, you’ll see the breakdowns of shows like HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, MODERN FAMILY, and RAISING HOPE. We also show you how creators Vince Gilligan and Aaron Sorkin create tension in TV DRAMA. We’ll show you BEAT BY BEAT how BREAKING BAD and NEWSROOM work.You’ll learn about writing great characters, writing vivid action and how to build relationships between characters that the audience cares about.

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Course Curriculum

Introduction : Welcome to the Hidden Patterns of Hit Television Story 00:02:00
Class 1: TV = Great Writing 00:32:00
Class 2 : TV Characters 00:37:00
Class 3 : TV Storyline 00:27:00
Class 4 : Episodic/Procedural Drama 00:57:00
Class 5 : Dramatic Structure for Hour 01:00:00
Class 6 : They are about… 00:47:00
The Secrets of Writing for Television – Class 7 00:21:00
Class 8 : If you Love talking your characters out 00:39:00
The Secrets of Writing for Television – Class 9 00:37:00
Class 10 : Modern Family One camera SITCOM 00:13:00
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