The Secret Patterns of Writing Dramas


If you want to write a movie a personal,  social, psychological, or political drama this class is for you. Learn the tricks and techniques of writing a film that captures real-life drama from an emotional, character-driven perspective.  You’ll learn:

      • What exactly is a “THEME” and how to write a thematic story
      • How to write emotionally-driven characters who change
      • How to write character-driven action
      • The most important beats in a drama
      • The tricks to making audience’s feel the stakes of your drama
      • What to think about when you adapt a novel, play or story from another medium.

Course Material Availability: 12 months access from your date of purchase.


Course Curriculum

Drama Lecture : Part 1 00:22:00
Drama Lecture : Part 2 00:17:00
Drama Lecture : Part 3 00:52:00
Drama Lecture : Part 4(1) 00:29:00
Drama Lecture: Part 4 (2) 00:45:00
Drama Lecture : Part 5 00:39:00
Drama Lecture : Part 6 00:49:00
Drama Lecture : Part 7 00:06:00

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