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The Hidden Patterns of Romantic Comedy


Romantic comedies are the ‘champagne genre’  – amazingly fun romps about love — stories which, as Peter Russell shows you, contain deep, vivid secrets and story patterns – patterns that you use to make your romantic comedy sing and succeed.

If you adore the witty writing and fabulous laughs that go into this most optimistic and romantic of forms, then this lecture is for you.

You’ll see how deceit rules the first part of your story (and how the jarring truth rules the second). He gives you the deep characters that help the heroine (or hero) win, and the ones that drag the protagonist down, and what every romantic comedy needs at its center to really make a smash story.

You’ll learn why opposites really do attract (but how they must then both change in a particular way), how dialogue rules this genre (the last genre where that’s really true) and how to avoid cliches and still find happy endings (it’s all about learning to tell the one embarrassing truth you’d never want anyone to know.)

You’ll also learn the enduring tricks from the biggest hit rom coms in cinematic history — from TOOTSIE, JERRY MAGUIRE, and THE PROPOSAL to television stories like Apatow’s LOVE, Dunham’s GIRLS, and Jacobsen/Glazer’s wonderful BROAD CITY.

This course consists of 4 video lectures.

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Course Curriculum

ROM COM – Part 1 00:28:00
ROM COM – Part 2 (Tootsie) 00:37:00
ROM COM – Part 3 (Jerry Maguire) 00:39:00
ROM COM – Part 4 (Proposal) 00:26:00
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