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The Secrets of the TV Mini-Series & Anthology Stories: PART TWO – Middles


Whether it’s Ryan Murphy’s ASSASSINATION OF GIANNI VERSACE, THE PEOPLE VS. O J SIMPSON, Nic Pizzalatto’s TRUE DETECTIVE, Noah Hawley’s FARGO or FEUD, a big trend in TV now is the mini-series or ‘closed end’ anthology show. Let Peter Russell (who sold a mini-series in 2017) show you the patterns and tools he’s learned that helped him create a successful mini.

You’ll learn how to think about your characters, how to create the vivid and original world, the keys to powering your storylines, and the fundamental secret that both keeps your audience interested over the entire course of the story – and also organizes your story crescendos (there are four) for you! Peter shows you examples of how the greatest writers in this genre do what they do — so that you can do it, too. This isn’t just academic ‘analysis’ – Peter has used these tools himself to create sellable TV.

 This lecture comes in three parts, which are each purchased separately.

PART ONE – Beginnings (purchased separately) 
PART TWO – Middles (this purchase)
PART THREE – Endings (purchased separately) 

This purchase is for PART TWO – Middles.

This purchase consists of 2 videos and 1 embedded PDF.

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Miniseries Secrets – Video 2 00:23:00
Miniseries Secrets – Video 3 00:29:00

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