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Django Unchained is a master work from Tarantino, and we break down just how it works in this scene by scene analysis. If you’re writing an action buddy western, or a buddy picture of almost any sort you’ll gain big insights into the engines of this best-selling genre. Action is the hottest genre selling in Hollywood today, and it will never go out of style, but the methods and hooks are changing, and Django shows you how. You’ll learn the heart of the buddy dynamic that causes both partners to grow in very particular ways — a classic pattern that you can use in your own story. Tarantino also gives the audience an innovative mentor here — one who changes right along with the hero. Remember the classic tools of suspense in our action lecture? Django gives you scenes with four ‘cross ticking clocks’ — and we stop the action to show you just how Tarantino does it like a boss. There’s nothing like watching a master in action and seeing just how he creates his magic — behind the smoke and mirrors. Sharpen your game and bring originality to your own action movie with this superb breakdown of an incredible movie.

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Course Curriculum

DJANGO EXPLAINED – Part 1 00:25:00
DJANGO EXPLAINED – Part 2 00:19:00
DJANGO EXPLAINED – Part 3 00:31:00
DJANGO EXPLAINED – Part 4 00:27:00
DJANGO EXPLAINED – Part 5 00:12:00
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