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Creating the BEATING HEART of your TV Story Secrets of Building the GREAT TV BEAT


TV stories consist of a series of BEATS — lightning bolt flashes that form 28 dramatic moments in your hour script– (16 in your half hour.)

Think of EACH beat as a lightning bolt – the hidden HEART of why your audience watches! Each Beat has a hidden structure that you MUST master to make your TV story SING.  EACH Beat is a beautiful FIGHT with special choreography, with a winner and a loser – a story in itself that has a beginning, middle and end. A ROLLERCOASTER for your audience that leaves them breathless (if you do it right.) This class is about showing you the secret hidden rythym of a BEAT – the flurry of punches that leaves an audience breathless (and one winner raising his arms and a loser on the canvas!) and the good news is, once you learn how one works, you’ll use the same tricks every time.  (And there ARE tricks.)

Peter shows you the hidden universal structure of a this critical building block – the four crescendoes inside it (and how the greatest TV writers reverse, pivot and use surprise, good news/bad news, ticking clocks, and raising stakes in each Beat.

The pro television writer knows that to keep his audience excited, he’s got to GRAB them in EVERY Beat – it’s the deep molecular structure of ALL great TV. But how? A BEAT is a separate story INSIDE your big story – a CHAIN of little stories that become a pearl necklace that makes the episode!  Peter Russell, who sold two TV pilots in 2018,  shows you precisely how the geniuses in today’s TV story  Bill Dubuque (Ozark), Jenji Kohan (Orange Is The New Black, Glow)  Nic Pizzaloto (True Detective),  Noah Hawley (Fargo), Vince Gilligan (Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul), Kurt Sutter (Sons of Anarchy) do just that.

Peter goes further in this class — he also lays out the advanced tools of the ‘split beat’ and the ‘disappearing climax beat’ – just like such sophisticated masters like David Simon (The Deuce), and Dave Andron (Snowfall) do. Here are the tools that innovators in TV use in 2018 to advance the art of television storytelling.

If you don’t know how to build a BEAT, your TV story will not work. You can have great characters, storyline and structure, but you will not KEEP your audience watching the screen! No good beats? Your audience gets bored.

Learn from the best. You’ll need this critical skill for EVERY TV story you ever write.

This course consists of seven video lectures.

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Course Curriculum

BEATS Part One 00:15:00
BEATS Part Two 00:13:00
BEATS Part Three 00:09:00
BEATS Part Four 00:05:00
BEATS Part Five 00:06:00
BEATS Part Six 00:24:00
Beats P. 7 00:16:00
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