The Secrets of Adventure Romance


Whether you are writing the next Avatar, Titanic, or Twilight, or Last of the Mohicans, or The Matrix, you’ll want to understand the hidden patterns beneath each of these stories — the elements are always the same. You’ll learn how danger accompanies the romance at particular points in the story, how rescue features and why the core wounds of the lovers must be tied not to sex but to a simple plot device that always exhilarates the audience. The tools that master adventure romance creators have used for decades and are still used in every single adrom made. Movies used in class: Titanic, Twilight, Last of the Mohicans, Avatar and more.

This course consist of 3 videos.

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Course Curriculum

Class 1: Adventure Romance (Titanic) 00:40:00
Class 2: Adventure Romance (Last of the Mohicans) 00:08:00
Class 3: Adventure Romance (Avatar, Twilight) 00:07:00

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