The 20 Beats Of All Film Story


Did you know that almost all great Hollywood movies share the exact same structure?
Learn what it is — the 20 BEATS OF GREAT HOLLYWOOD MOVIE STORY – in this groundbreaking lecture by Peter Russell. Peter shows you the hidden design behind nearly all film story that makes for a hit, and offers you a template that can help you shape your own film. Whether you’re writing a love story or an action thriller, these secret patterns remain the same. Use this lecture as a kind of CAT scan of your own story — and as a way to improve it. The precise A and B storylines – they way they interweave, the crescendo points of the acts, and the way the theme of the story is posed through the main character’s journeys — it’s all here in this comprehensive study of the 20 BEATS OF GREAT HOLLYWOOD MOVIE STORY.
This course consists of 4 videos.


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