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    Hollywood production is down with Covid, but development is still booming – companies are using this time to hone and improve their scripts – but how do you break in? It’s tough — but one of the best ‘back doors’ into the industry is starting as a scriptreader. Learn from Peter Russell, one of Hollywood’s top scriptreaders, successful screenwriter (2 tv pilots sold in 2018-19) and teacher of Peter’s legendary¬† ‘Becoming A Scriptreader’ Class at one of Los Angeles’ most prestigious film and television universities. Peter Russell’s class has guided many writers, producers and directors into their first ‘break’ in Hollywood (see latest 2019 testimonials below.) In this class you’ll learn how Peter used his script reading career to break into Hollywood. If you’ve tried to sell your work in Hollywood, you know how tough it is to break into this small, cliquish place. The truth is, you need an angle to get into this incredibly difficult field. If you’re wanting to break into Hollywood as a writer, producer, one of the very best ways to get that first job in this incredibly competitive field is as a scriptreader. Learn how in this eleven week class. Even better? Learning how to assess a script makes you a FAR better screenwriter. So this class is a fantastic primer in how to create great Hollywood story, and furnishes you a ‘calling card’ of three script reports that can help you audition for your first job as a scriptreader. Being a script reader is a great (albeit hard to get) job — you can even do it in your pajamas. And now with the internet, it’s possible to work for a production company even if you don’t live in Los Angeles. It’s a perfect way to start your career. But of course, it isn’t easy. Peter credits his years of experience as a script reader for getting him his first jobs as a consultant, story doctor, ghost writer and now successful screenwriter. And Peter’s legendary class on how to become a scriptreader continues to be a jampacked class at one of Los Angeles’ most prestigious univerities (where Peter was Teacher of the Year). This is a version of a legendary eleven week class that has propelled people into careers – a class that Peter has taught it at a legendary entertainment division of a top LA university since 2003. THIS CLASS CONCENTRATES ON…