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Testimonial 12

“I was always interested in movies and film. One afternoon my fiancé and I decided to check out one of Peter and Cecilia’s introductory seminars. My fiancé could already tell after just a few minutes that I was interested in signing up for the full class and finally start getting my ideas onto paper. Having starting out as just a fan of film and not familiar with the actual art of writing screenplays, Peter and Cecilia’s technique has made it easier for a “noob” like myself get a firm grasp on story development and the importance of knowing the rules of genre. I consider Peter and Cecilia to be mentors of mine with regard to my screenwriter endeavors (and hopefully career) and know I will continue to refer to their methods to further my stories along. If you are looking to get a grasp on writing scripts and better understanding the craft of screenwriting I cannot recommend Peter and Cecilia’s classes enough; they are fun and you get a chance to brainstorm a bunch of wacky ideas with others who are as passionate about film.”

Ryan Gavan Writer

About Peter Russell Movie&TV Script Doctor

Think of me as a writer, teacher and story consultant with over 15 years experience working with studios. From this experience, I have developed a great class list that focuses on many areas in the business. Peter Russell Script Doctor offers a large variety of classes, so be sure to check back often to see if there is an offering for you. Find Out More...