“I’ve taken many writing classes over the years but was absolutely blown away with how much I learned from Suzy in just one hour. She’s a natural born teacher. She understands the dramatic pacing of storytelling and offered excellent suggestions regarding the development of my story and made my script so much stronger. For once I got way more than money’s worth.” ~ Debra Ehrhardt (Playwright & Performer.) April 2022.

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RANDY BELLOUS, LOS ANGELES: “I wish I had known of her talents years ago! About four months ago I, and our key scriptwriter, started working with Suzy Bell-Russell to assist us with one of our scripts. Through Suzy’s coaching we found within ourselves an organic eruption of pathways to express our story into a screenplay that now has the eyes of movie making giants helping us to get this to the big screen.”

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Randy Bellous, Los Angeles (USA). (July 2021 Randy Bellous Productions, Film and Music producer, )

Richard Oshen, LA Screenwriter: “I found her work transformative and insightful. Suzy Bell-Russell is an amazing screenwriter, script coach and story analyst. Her insight is deep and intuitive.”

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Richard Oshen, Los Angeles, USA. (August 2021) Screenwriter

Jim Vinson, Screenwriter, Georgia: “I have been studying screenwriting since 2005 using workshops and books. None of the other workshops were nowhere near transparent and clear as Suzy Bell-Russell’s Zoom script workshops. Einstein once said if you can’t explain something in its simplest form, you really don’t understand it. If that is true, then Suzy has a master’s level understanding of screenwriting – because for the first time in sixteen years of self-study this stuff began to make sense.”

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Jim Vinson, Georgia, USA. (August 2021) Screenwriter

‘Peter ghostwrote a script for me that I sold six months ago – a serial police procedural. He was with me the entire six month process — essentially not only guiding me to finish the tv pilot, but also teaching me how to structure and write it as we went along. (I’ve written and produced  a movie, but am new to TV.) Peter got us to the finish line. He knows more about story that I’ll ever know. I want to remain anonymous for obvious reasons — but you should know that I have contracted with him to write another pilot in the same genre. Peter knows how to do this. He’s the best, and his enthusiasm takes me forward even when I’m running on empty.’

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TV producer November 2017

“Anyone can say a movie is ‘bad’ or ‘great’ but it is much more difficult to determine why a film succeeds or fails.  Peter Russell gave me the tools to analyze every aspect of a screenplay in order to successfully identify the weaknesses and strengths.  Of course, these lessons are tremendously useful for an aspiring story analyst.  But everything here would be of immeasurable value to anyone passionate about screenwriting, film criticism or just understanding why movies work.  If a screenplay is a body, Peter Russell is an anatomist.  He will teach you how to dissect a story and figure out how all the parts work together.  This is an utterly fascinating approach to understanding the mystery behind successful storytelling.   You will be a better reader, writer, watcher and maker of films after taking Peter’s class!”

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Katherine MacDonald, Writing/Directing candidate, UCLA Film School

Peter Russell is a Screenwriter and Teacher of Film & Television who sold two television pilots in 2018/19. Peter started as a story analyst in the 1990s, and has read over 3,000+ screenplays for major film and television giants including Imagine Entertainment, Participant Productions, HBO, CBS, Walden Entertainment and others. You may contact Peter or Suzy (his writing & business partner) directly on russell310@mac.com.

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