True Detective, Season One, is one of the masterpieces of modern television — and a celebration of the new ‘dark TV hero’ that has become so much a part of this new golden age of TV. We break down how the entire series works in a scene-by-scene analysis that unlocks Nic Pizzolatto’s genius. How do you create a pair of dark protagonists and how does this particular form of TV (the ‘closed end’ series) offer a set of explosive tools that no other TV genre can? You’ll learn how a story’s ‘moral argument’ can act like gasoline on the audience’s interest (it sounds preachy till you see it in action) and we will analyze just how two men’s core wounds propel them forward. We lay out the BMOC of the entire ‘story arc’ for the season, and how this form we developed for movies works so beautifully in the closed end TV genre. You’ll see how this story uses the deep tools of the mystery thriller, genre, which means it has three different plots — you’ll learn what they are and how they work — and you’ll also be privy to the deepest secret of what makes a mystery thriller truly great (most mystery thrillers don’t have this secret.) Are you writing for the new TV market? Come see how a masterwork — and the first breakout hit for a relative TV novice — became one of the icons of the television canon.


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