How to Write the Next Multi-Award-Winning Short Film

Eventbrite - How to Write and Make Award-Winning Short Films

Short films are the calling cards of the film industry. You can make them for as little or as much as your budget can allow — but first you need a great concept, a tight story, a¬†character or two the audience wants to follow (note: we didn’t say “like.”)

If you get it right, a short film can propel you into a feature, a TV show or a great partnership with a producer. You can travel to Toronto, Sundance and Cannes with priority access passes. You can get meetings and be known as the next hot talent.

That’s IF you get it right.


This Sunday, July 27, Peter Russell, a long-time judge at the HollyShorts Film Festival , is taking HMW’s expertise as sought-after story developers and script doctors and applying our wisdom to the short film.

He will show you several short films and breakdown the conventions of each. You will understand how to write one, how to make one and how to break out of the pack by shining your brilliance in the RIGHT WAY.

If you have made a short film or if you want to make one — this is the class you’ve been waiting for.

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July 22, 2014

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