Premium Package


With this package, you’ll be getting exactly what we give our studio clients,

* Two live sessions with Peter. These sessions (1.5 hours or more each) are recorded for you, and take place on Webex, our virtual conference room. All you need is a decent Internet connection and a headset. (It’s simple and it works easily.)

* A full set of development notes will be given to you at each session.

At our first meeting with you, we will give you a full set of development notes. We will show you tools to help you. We will guide you in how to develop your story idea. We may show you movie clips in the genres in which you are working. We will also give you access to certain streaming lectures that we think will help you write your particular story. Our virtual conference room is just like being in the same room with us — but it’s also recorded, so you can watch and listen again and again.

We will discuss the commercial prospects of your story and how to enhance them.Really, all facets of your story will be talked about — in as much detail as you wish. This is a development meeting precisely as we give our studio clients. It’s designed to propel you forward in telling your own, vivid, original story. We love our work, and really enjoy working with our clients. We think you’ll enjoy it too — and emerge re-energized and ready to leap forward.

Peter and Cecilia personally read all stories and scripts — we don’t use readers.

Your second meeting with us can take place any time that is mutually agreed upon at the first meeting — a time that gives you both a deadline (for a sense of urgency and discipline) and also enough time to really recreate your story into a far more powerful draft.

We charge a fraction of what we charge our studio clients – but you receive the same service (of course, you get an three hours of our time, whereas they get a good deal more.)

Please give us at least a week to complete your screenplay review, and this often may take longer, depending on our current workload.

About Peter Russell Movie&TV Script Doctor

Think of me as a writer, teacher and story consultant with over 15 years experience working with studios. From this experience, I have developed a great class list that focuses on many areas in the business. Peter Russell Script Doctor offers a large variety of classes, so be sure to check back often to see if there is an offering for you. Find Out More...