BRONZE – One-on-One Writer Consults with PETER RUSSELL / SUZY BELL-RUSSELL


Let Screenwriters & Scriptdoctor’s, Peter Russell or Suzy Bell-Russell, his wife, writing partner and writing consultant, be your writing mentors. Let them be your guides to offer you creative support on those days you just can’t face working another script or novel draft alone.

The BRONZE Package is Two (one-hour each) recorded live Zoom consults with Peter or Suzy, one-on-one working closely with you on your script or novel to get you to next level. You also receive two of Peter’s legendary recorded lectures – you  can pick the ones that will help you the most. So we give you access to 2 of our popular online classes of your choice valued at a total of $140. So do the math on what you are paying then for 2 live consults!

Think of it as two intensive separate sets of developmental conferences on your project, the equivalent of a master class at a major film school, but instead of a class of 20, it’s just you and Peter or Suzy – you have our full attention, and all the focus is on your project.

All for far less than a seminar level screenwriting class at a major film school where you would receive a ’round robin’ set of notes from other students and only very brief personal attention from a teacher, and where the average cost of a single class is over $2,000.

All sessions are recorded for you so you don’t need to worry about taking notes. They are all conducted on ZOOM, a wonderful online meeting space where you can see each other, speak in real time and where we can play you any video clips and help you mark up your script or novel.

This allows you to learn fast, whether you are in Los Angeles or Lagos, Berlin or Barbados, Durban or Dallas, India or Indiana!

All sessions are recorded so if you miss a verbal note, you can simply play back the recording! It requires no technical expertise to join a Zoom meeting, either. All you need is an internet connection and a device. It’s simple.

These three consults are spaced as far apart as needed so you can make maximum progress.

The cost for you is $249.

*Please kindly note that for this low cost special offer there are no refunds due to the high value cost of the 2 online lectures gifted for this package. Thank you.